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The Deadly Deal: New Mystery

The Deadly Deal, a new mystery by J. Lee

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The Deadly Deal

David Centrelli is a junior business development executive at a pharmaceutical company in Richmond with no military training or criminal record whatsoever…but an innocent knock on the door one typical Monday morning changes his life forever.

Thrust into a world of unbelievable accusations, outrageous claims and danger he’s only seen in the movies, he’s told that his best friend’s death two weeks earlier was no accident, and that his buddy has a message for him from the grave. As skeptical as he is, clues far too specific to be coincidental keep coming, and soon his own home is engulfed in flames. When the perpetrator contacts him, he learns that not only are the accusations legitimate, but that people trained to eliminate problems have labeled him one.

Blackmailed by decisions he made years ago, informed that his brother has been kidnapped, and threatened with a future not even his worst nightmare could imagine, the temptation to give up what he knows and disappear into affluent anonymity grows stronger by the second…until he learns that millions of lives depend on him trying to do the right thing. But can this ordinary businessman really escape death from experts trained to administer it and prevent a colossal calamity already set in motion by the highest levels of government?

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Praise for The Deadly Deal

“The Bottom Line: A perfectly crafted conspiracy thriller with a truly noble hero at its core, The Deadly Deal is the twisty tale we’ve been waiting for. Highly Recommended.”Best Thrillers

“The Deadly Deal is a fast-moving, page-turning thriller propelled by rapid scene changes, frequent plot twists, and an enemy that grows more powerful and menacing as the full extent of the conspiracy. Fans of plot-driven thrillers will find plenty to like…” Windy City Reviews 

“The Deadly Deal evolves superb characterization, satisfying twists of plot, and a focus that will keep even seasoned thriller readers guessing about its outcome.” Midwest Books

“J. Lee does it again with The Deadly Deal. Fans of mysteries and thrillers will love this new cliffhanger. I was immediately hooked as the story began to unfold and this fast-paced and intriguing mystery kept me guessing until the very last page. Impossible to put down, I finished the book in days and loved every minute of this captivating read!” – Nicky Steinberg, Publisher of Downers Grove Living Magazine

“Action packed and sharply written. Grabbed me from the start and wouldn’t let go. I’ve already made room on my nightstand for the next J.Lee thriller.” – Davin Goodwin, author of PARADISE COVE and the Roscoe Conklin Mystery Series.

The Deadly Deal is my kind of thriller. Clever premise, complex characters, a pulsating plot and a satisfying, but in no way predictable, ending. Easily J. Lee’s best work, and that alone is saying something.” – Drew Yanno, author of In the Matter of Michael Vogel and The Smart One.

“A terrific follow-up to The Hubley Case and The Silent Cardinal. In The Deadly Deal, J. Lee lays out an explosive tale of political intrigue, government conspiracy, and murder. If you haven’t yet read Lee’s thrillers, it’s time to jump aboard the bandwagon.”–Alfred C. Martino, author of Pinned, Over The End Line, and Perfected By Girls

“Regardless of how you feel about the pharmaceutical industry, this book is a must read. J. Lee pulls you into a fast paced thriller of good vs. evil that never lets up. Tight writing, intricate plot, believable characters and a sharp, fast-moving dialogue that gels it all together. Put this one on your reading list!” – Jesus Leal, author of True Diversity 

J. Lee, author of The Deadly DealThe Deadly Deal

J. Lee is the author of The Hubley Case, The Silent Cardinal, and The Deadly Deal.

He graduated from Duke University with degrees in Engineering and Sociology, and lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with his family.

To learn more about him or his award-winning novels, please visit

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