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Bone Saw Serenade: Debut Thriller

Bone Saw Serenadedebut novel by Cody J. Thompson

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Bone Saw Serenade

Bone Saw Serenade

Everyone loves running into and reconnecting with an old friend. Someone you have lost touch with for any number of reasons over the years. It can stir up a cocktail of euphoric emotions through feelings of nostalgia, amusement, hope and love.

That is exactly how Emma Goodwin felt when she ran into her high school best friend Charlie Claymore after they found one another randomly after a decade of not seeing or speaking in a small coffee shop in Seattle.

Soon after their reunion, Emma’s husband Eddie goes missing without a trace of evidence linking anyone to the disappearance. Anguished, she spirals into her old ways with Charlie. When Detective Angus Pratt is assigned to the case, Charlie is determined to stay by Emma’s side, casting a dark veil over her he calls protection.

As they close in on the truth, a sinister plan is revealed that is darker and more terrifying than the vast, uninhabited woods that lay on the outskirts of town. Angus will stop at nothing to find the truth, and Emma may learn the hardest truth of them all. That the flames you hold the closest always burn the worst.

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Bone Saw Serenade — the Interview

Bone Saw Serenade is set in Seattle, what drew you to that town for your debut mystery?

I almost moved to Seattle back in the day. It has always intrigued me. I know people say it rains a lot and can be very gloomy more often than not, but that sounds great to me. My favorite kind of weather.

Being born and raised in San Diego, where we don’t really get seasons, it would be a nice change to experience fall and winter where the weather switches. Some of the story does take place in Southern California, as well. I couldn’t have it all happen in my own backyard. I guess its my own little homage to the move that never was. The Emerald City. My attempt to find my own great and wonderful Oz, I guess you could say.

 I love this answer! After growing up in San Diego, I moved to Seattle in 1996.

What should readers know about Emma Goodwin, protagonist of Bone Saw Serenade:

Emma really has the most to learn from the experiences within the book. She is a wife and mother, though in the beginning, it’s pretty clear she never knew what to expect from those changes to her life, and may have never wanted them to occur in the first place. She is a frustrating and complex person. She can be flighty and forgetful, but is also caring and kind. To a fault in some instances.

Like all of us, Emma is a deep and complex person with many solid qualities as well as faults. Bone Saw Serenade is just as much a redemption story for Emma as it is a thriller/horror story. Sometimes the flames we hold the closest burn the worst. And sometimes it’s a painful lesson to learn.

Tell us about your road to publishing your debut novel:

I was the kid in class that said “Writer” when asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. As odd as that may sound, it’s true. It has been my dream as far back as I can remember. Though, for a long time I didn’t let anyone see what I wrote out of fear. Fear of rejection, fear of feeling like an imposter, you name it.

Finally, when we were all locked in our homes due to a worldwide pandemic, and watching the world begin to crumble, I decided I would create my own world. My own little escape from the current world and situation and it worked perfectly for me and my writing process.

I thought of a scenario, which would then become a turning point in the novel, and it gave me the creeps. So, I built on it. Soon, the characters and the story began to take shape, and felt like they were guiding me through the story. And luckily, after being told “no” a handful of times, the book found a home. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the initial reviews and feedback. It really is a lifelong dream fulfilled within those pages.

Your hometown is San Diego, the same place I grew up, how does living in Southern California impact you as a writer?

Probably more negatively than positive. As I said, there is pretty consistent weather here year round. You can go to the beach on Christmas. So, it probably adds to procrastination more than anything. It’s sunny out, friends are getting together. Don’t want to miss out, right? You have to break through things like that to sit yourself down and get to work.

Tell us about Beer Night in San Diego:

BNiSD is the first and longest running podcast about the craft beverage industry in San Diego County. We have been producing our show for about a decade now.

Myself and my 3 partners get together each week and share beers the way friends do – Yet we tape it. For one reason or another, people seem to enjoy it. We want to add some entertainment to people’s lives, and if we can make someone smile or laugh and maybe brighten their week, mission accomplished.

What are you working on now?

My second novel is already complete and in the hands of my awesome publishing group. That book – an homage to the slasher genre – is set to be released in early March. I am really excited about that book coming out and can’t wait to see what people think. I am still working as hard as I can to get Bone Saw Serenade seen and read by as many people as I can. I have also started my third novel, but is it very early in the process.

But you can expect more to come, as I don’t have any plans of stopping or slowing down.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Writers:

The best advice I received was something like this. The world is full of “why?” Anytime you think of a cool idea or follow a dream, its so easy to find someone – friends, family, social media – who will ask “Why?” Why start a podcast? Why go to cooking school? Why write a book?  The answer to this should always be why not!?

People will always be there to tell you no, or an idea is dumb. You have to fight through that noise and scream why not? If you have always dreamed of painting a portrait, or becoming a veterinarian, or writing a book – Go out and do that. Don’t let anything stand in your way whether it be why people or fear.

Fear is what stopped me for most of my life. And we should never allow those outside negative forces keep us from whatever our dreams may be. Go out and create something that didn’t exist in the world yesterday. In doing so, you can make the world a brighter, more creative place for everyone. Who knows? That novel or painting you’re sitting on might inspire the next generation of creative folks. Take the shot.

Fabulous Advice!

Author Pet Corner!

I have two pitbulls – Rufus and Sidney.

They are everything to me. My best buddies.

They are both rescue dogs who were abused prior to us adopting them.

So, my family is big advocates for pet adoption.

Cody J Thompson — Author of Bone Saw Serenade

Bone Saw SerenadeCody James Thompson is a writer from San Diego, California. He has been writing for many years and is finally diving into the world of novels and story telling.

Previously, he wrote as a columnist with his work featured in San Diego CityBeat, San Diego Weekly Reader, The Westcoaster Magazine, San Diego Downtown News and he was the staff columnist for San Diego Uptown News writing about the beverage industry.

With storytelling, he focuses mainly on thriller inspired work. When he is not writing or reading, he spends time with his wife and their two pit bulls, cheers on his Golden State Warriors and San Diego Padres and can be found writing, producing and hosting the first and longest running beer podcast in San Diego, Beer Night in San Diego.

He is the author of “Bone Saw Serenade” as well as an upcoming horror novel to be release March 9, 2023.

To learn more about Cody, click on any of the following links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Goodreads

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