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Murder on the Books, a Modern Midwife Mystery

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Murder on the Books

Murder on the BooksBooks and bells, midwives, and murder…

Maeve O’Reilly Kensington has fully recovered from her heart-pounding escape from a murderer last summer. Now she and her husband, Will, are happily adapting to life as parents of an eight-month-old while also preparing for the birth of their second daughter. Will’s catering business, A Thyme for All Seasons, is booming and Maeve’s midwifery practice has blossomed under new hospital leadership.

It’s winter in the seaside New England town of Langford, and the holidays are fast approaching. Maeve decides to make a last-minute dash to the Langford Library just before closing time…and discovers the body of the well-loved library director in the snow! Did she have a medical issue? Did she fall? Is murder on the books?

A tangled web is weaved and Maeve and her wealthy, forthright sister Meg are stymied at every turn. At the same time, jewelry thieves may have targeted the Hanville Grove senior center where Maeve and Meg’s mother and the “ladies of the lobby” reside. Holidays, murder, and robberies pile up as Maeve’s pregnancy marches on. Can the sisters solve the crimes in their limited time frame? Will Maeve have the birth of her dreams? Will the Langford Library ever be the same?

“Christine’s writing style is very entertaining with sensory laden description of the various environment, characters, and even the state of Maeve’s cookies and knitting. Clever & Entertaining Gem!”
~ Kings River Life Magazine

“Readers will fall in love with this series immediately!! I highly encourage and suggest you grab your copy.”
~ Cozy Mystery Book Reviews

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Christine Knapp — Author of Murder on the Books

Murder on the BooksChristine Knapp practiced as a nurse midwife for many years.

A writer of texts and journal articles, she is now thrilled to combine her love of midwifery and mysteries as a fiction author.

Christine currently narrates books for the visually impaired.

A dog lover, she lives near Boston.

To learn more about Christine, click any of the following links: Website, Instagram, Twitter/X & Facebook

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