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Blindsided Justice: Contemporary Thriller

Blindsided Justice, a thriller by Dan Romanello

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Blindsided Justice

Blindsided Justice


Dylan Tomassi returns in this sequel to the original coming of age thriller, PAPERBOY. Having grown up poor, Dylan is now a successful private investor, wealthy beyond his wildest dreams and living an idyllic lifestyle on Florida’s gulf coast. Cognizant of his humble beginnings, he is committed to paying it forward as he prepares for the opening of his charitable foundation’s crown jewel.

But crime is raging out of control following the election of an opportunistic carpetbagger and Dylan and those closest to him become victims of a broken system that places them in grave danger. He utilizes his considerable resources to protect those he holds dear, but everyone and everything are not what they appear to be.

An exhilarating action thriller, BLINDSIDED JUSTICE drops you in the middle of an epic battle between justice and subversion.

Book Details:

Genre: Contemporary Thriller
Published by: Sanitas Publishing
Publication Date: August 2023
Number of Pages: 304
ISBN: 979-8-9863151-2-6
Series: Dylan Tomassi Novels, Book 2

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Guest post by Dan Romanello, Author of Blindsided Justice


By Dan Romanello

My most recent novel, BLINDSIDED JUSTICE, is the second installment in the Dylan Tomassi series, which features the adventures of the eponymous protagonist. Raised by a selfless single mother and mentored by a mysteriously reclusive widow he met on his newspaper route as a child, Dylan overcame poverty, hardship, and personal setbacks to become the embodiment of the American dream. Now a middle-aged mega millionaire, he lives an excitingly luxurious lifestyle on Florida’s west coast.  

The series follows the exploits of our extraordinary hero as he navigates life in an unpredictable modern-day society that frequently finds him entangled with nefarious and often dangerous characters. The question I get asked the most is whether the Dylan character is based on me, and the answer is a resounding no. We actually have little in common. However, one thing we do share is an apolitical view of the world with an emphasis on common sense and reasonableness. 

My primary purpose in writing the book is to entertain and provide readers with an escape from the bustle of daily life and all the craziness going on around us. But there’s more. The storyline follows the natural progression of real-world cultural issues and where they can lead. In this latest installment, Dylan and those close to him become victims of a system gone awry following the election of a state attorney who implements a radical criminal justice agenda.    

As a former prosecutor I have seen first-hand how the deterrent effect works to reduce crime when a robust criminal justice system is applied evenly and consistently to all citizens. Alternatively, when that perception is negatively altered, serious societal issues can arise. For example, those predisposed to engage in criminal behavior become emboldened and no longer fear the consequences of the law. Others may feel the law no longer protects them, which can lead to unpredictable outcomes. Some, when faced with the opportunity to intervene and assist a victim of criminal conduct, will decline to get involved. Others will perceive the breakdown in law enforcement as a call to arms and engage in acts of aggression and, in extreme cases, vigilantism. The book delves into this phenomena, and it’s weaved into the suspenseful adventures of the central character and those close to him as they become entwined in the consequences of a breakdown in law and order. 

If you’re expecting the ideological sledgehammer approach whereby the audience is hit over the head with politically oriented ranting, you won’t find it here. My objective is to engage the reader with delectable storytelling and unforgettable characters. For those who seek pure escapism, it’s there for the taking. And for others who may read the book and are left thinking about one thing or another, that’s okay as well. In either instance, relax and enjoy—that’s my real purpose for writing the book.   

Dan Romanello

Blindsided JusticeDan Romanello worked in the newspaper industry before attending law school at the University of Florida.

After serving as an assistant state attorney, he spent more than 20 years as a partner in a boutique firm, running the trial practice group. An accomplished trial lawyer, he has litigated cases in courtrooms throughout the state of Florida.

After retiring from the active practice of law, he wrote the first book in the Dylan Tomassi series, PAPERBOY. He resides on Florida’s gulf coast.

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