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Fall is Coming: Write Now

Fall is coming . . .

Fall is coming
Radar and Jasper!

Fall is coming . . .

It’s hard to believe we have rolled through another summer. March of 2020 changed all our lives in immeasurable ways, and yet, we are still here, sliding into another season.

Many of us have started to travel again, visit shops without masks on, shake hands with strangers, and sit in bars. Colder weather looms here in the Northern Hemisphere, with close quarters and the potential for dreaded surges.

But I’m grateful for vaccines and relaxed rules. It’s still strange to be in crowded spaces and, at least for me, the mask still comes out.

I don’t fear getting sick and dying from COVID, but I would like it to vanish from our lives like polio . . . oh wait, that’s not really gone either is it?

We are all doing the best we can.

Fall is coming . . .

Fall is comingThe elk are still mellow, but the rut is coming too. The males will fight and the females will award the victor, and in the spring, there will be babies in the herd.

My mother likes to say, “Life is change.” She’s right about that. Nothing remains the same, not the good or the bad. There’s comfort in that. Sorrow too, but still … comfort.

There is one constant in my life. My writing. Not always publishing, as that’s out of my control, but writing, writing remains.

Fall is coming

I love fall because the cold weather is conducive to writing. I put on my favorite sweater and enjoy the sunshine streaming through the trees outside my window. Like it is right now.

Write now.

Fall is coming . . .

So I will write on. And have faith. And enjoy the changes the passage of time will bring.

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