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Lis Angus Guest Blogs: Readers Help Writers

Lis Angus, debut author launching Not My Child, blogs about all the ways readers can help writers.

Guest Post by Lis Angus + Author & Book Info

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Not My Child by Lis Angus

Lis AngusWhen Ottawa psychologist and single mother Susan Koss discovers that a strange man has been following her twelve-year-old daughter Maddy, she fears he’s a predator. But it’s worse than that. The man, Daniel Kazan, believes Maddy is his granddaughter, abducted as a baby, and he’s obsessed with getting her back.

Susan insists on a DNA test to disprove Daniel’s claim, but the result is one she can’t understand or explain: it says she’s not Maddy’s mother.

Then Maddy vanishes. Susan’s convinced Daniel has taken her, but he has an alibi, and two searches of his house turn up nothing. The hunt is on—police are on full mobilization, and Susan fears the worst.

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Genre: Suspense
Published by: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: April 18, 2022
Number of Pages: 308
ISBN: 978-1-5092-4118-7

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Guest Post by Lis Angus

You loved the book—now what?

There’s a meme I saw recently, depicting a conversation between a reader and a writer. It went like this:

The fact is, readers can do a lot to help a book succeed, and without that support even the best  book can fall flat. Every writer needs reader support. This is particularly true for debut authors who are struggling to build an audience for their book.

If you’ve recently loved a book, here’s a list of some things you can do (besides buying it) to help it succeed.

  1. Review it on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub or any other sites that invite readers to rate and comment on books. Tell other readers what you liked about it! Your review doesn’t need to be long or erudite. Just the fact that you are commenting will boost the book’s standing and encourage other readers to try it.
  2. Recommend it. Those same sites encourage you to recommend a book to other readers. And don’t forget to mention the book to your family, friends, and co-workers
  3. Request it at your library. If it’s not in their catalog, most libraries have a “suggest to purchase” option. You may need to provide the book’s publisher, ISBN and year of publication, which you can find in an early page of the book (or you can look it up on Goodreads.)
  4. Ask for it at your local bookstore. If they don’t have it in stock, recommend that they order it. The store manager may not be aware of a new local author, and it’s good to let them know that there is an audience for the book.
  5. Suggest it to your book club. The author may be willing to attend a meeting, either in person or virtually, or collaborate with the club in some other way.
  6. Don’t forget social media. Take a photo of the book “in the wild” —in your kitchen, in a bookstore or library, wherever you find it— and post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You can add your recommendation or a mini-review. And if you encounter other people’s posts with news about the book or author, retweet or repost these to magnify their effect.
  7. Subscribe to the author’s newsletter. The author’s website likely encourages sign-ups, and may offer a free bonus to new subscribers. Authors typically use the newsletter to stay in touch with their readers, keeping them updated with news and events as they happen.
  8. Attend author events. These might be in-person events (a book launch, a book signing, a reading), or may take place online (on Zoom, Facebook live, or similar). Bring a friend! A good crowd is very encouraging to an author, and it shows the publisher/bookstore/library that there’s an audience for the book.
  9. Ask if the author has bookmarks. Authors often do, and will probably be happy to give or send you some. Besides promoting the book, bookmarks are useful in themselves. You may hand them out to friends, or leave some at a local coffee shop for patrons to pick up.
  10. Host an author on your blog. If you have a blog of your own, you can post a review of the book. Or you can offer to interview the author (the way this usually works is you send questions and the author sends back answers) or ask them to submit a guest blog.
  11. Nominate the book for an award. Local organizations sometimes give awards in a number of categories, inviting patrons and customers to nominate and vote. Even being nominated helps raise the book’s (and the author’s) profile. And Goodreads has an annual Readers Choice award competition, which allows any book to be nominated in the first round, before voting narrows the list of contenders.

There are probably other ways to help an author grow their audience, but this list will be a good start and will certainly gain you the author’s gratitude.

Great Advice for Readers. Thank You For Joining Us, Lis!

Lis Angus

Lis AngusLis Angus is a Canadian suspense writer.

Early in her career, she worked with children and families in crisis; later she worked as a policy advisor, business writer and editor while raising two daughters.

She now lives south of Ottawa with her husband.

To learn more about Lis, click on any of the following links:, Goodreads, BookBub – @lisangusauthor, Instagram – lisangus459, Twitter – @lisangus1Facebook – @lisangusauthor

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