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Private Eye Eddie Shoes Returns!

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I’m so pleased to have all three of my Eddie Shoes Mysteries available through Open Road Media!

One Dead, Two to Go

One Dead, Two to Go“This mystery featuring a crime-fighting mother-daughter duo is “smart, page-turning fun, with the most feisty and likable P.I. since Kinsey Millhone” (Deb Caletti, National Book Award finalist).

When private investigator Edwina “Eddie Shoes” isn’t fending off surprise visits from her troublemaking mother, she’s spying on cheating husbands, hoping to land hefty divorce settlements for their heartbroken wives. But when the latest mistress Eddie captures on film dies—and Eddie realizes she’s the last person who saw the woman alive—things begin to take a twisted turn. It doesn’t help that the detective on the case is her ex, Chance Parker, who’s none too happy with the way Eddie left things between them. So when Eddie’s mom, Chava, unexpectedly shows up on her doorstep, Eddie’s actually glad to see her for a change. Because there’s no one better acquainted with the criminal mind than her card-shark of a mother. And now that Eddie’s in deep with the dangerous crowd, she’s going to need all the help she can get . . .

“Mystery, murder and mayhem collide in this intriguing new series! An original, well written gum-shoe, readers will find an easy ebb and flow of sequences with just enough mystery to keep them guessing. From their strained past to their bumbling investigation skills, this quirky combination of a mother-daughter reunion turned crime-fighting duo will captivate readers…. Avid Alphabet series connoisseurs should flock to this kick-off series.” —Roberta Gordon for InD’Tale Magazine

“Private eye Eddie Shoes and her cardsharp mother plunge the reader into a tale of fractured relationships, mayhem, and thrills.” —Deborah Turrell Atkinson, author of the Storm Kayama Mysteries

“The writing is cinematic and vivid, the characters well-drawn, but the dynamic between Eddie and Chava, which reminded me fondly of Cagney and Lacey, is what makes the story. Fans of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich should definitely check out One Dead, Two to Go.” —Max Everhart, author of the Eli Sharpe series

“A fast, memorable and entertaining read.” —Scott Driscoll, author of Better You Go Home

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Eddie Shoes Mysteries

Two Heads are Deader Than One

When her best friend from high school turns up out of nowhere begging for help, private investigator Eddie Shoes is right to be wary. She hasn’t seen Dakota in years.

Maybe it’s nostalgia that has her bailing the woman out of jail. Eddie even reluctantly agrees to help Dakota find the person whose been stalking her. Of course, the moment Dakota is freed, she disappears, leaving Eddie on the hook with the local police, headed up by Eddie’s ex-boyfriend, Det. Chance Parker.

Now Eddie is hot on Dakota’s trail, wondering if she was kidnapped or if she just jumped bail. Either way, things are not looking good for Eddie, especially when her business card is found on the bodies of not one, but two murder victims. Even worse, all evidence suggests that the answers to this mystery are tied to Dakota and Eddie’s shared history.

Which means that in order to solve this case, Eddie’s going to have to face down her own demons. . . .

“Chava, the mother, is a hoot and Franklin is about as loyal and intelligent as a big dog can be. Chance, the now maybe lover, is attractive and the mystery is indeed mysterious pretty much up until the end. There are enough quirks in the characters and twists in the development of the story to keep things satisfyingly interesting all the way through. Elena Hartwell has conjured up a plausible protagonist and done a good job of plunking her into a setting and plot that nicely suit her.” —Diana Borse for Reviewing the Evidence

5 Stars: “The characters are likeable and believable and Chava, Eddie’s card-dealing mom, is especially charming. It’s impossible not to root for them all through the story. Author Elena Hartwell showcases a delightful heroine in a story that promises pleasant romance and a hint of danger with a twist of an ending. This will keep one from ever putting this book down!” —L. Kane for InD’Tale Magazine

“An engaging mystery that will keep you stumped to the very end. This novel had many twists and turns so that I was kept guessing all the way to the surprise ending. The characters are quite impressive and I enjoyed getting to know them. I could relate to Eddie and loved her quirky mother, Chava. However, Dakota’s character brought back unpleasant memories of high school and she made a great antagonist …. Although this novel is part of a series, it is a good standalone. For those who are fans of whodunits, this is a great read.” —Susan Sewell for Readers’ Favorite Reviews

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Three Strikes, You’re Dead

Eddie Shoes MysteryIt was supposed to be a mother-daughter getaway but nothing is ever ordinary for private investigator Eddie Shoes and her unconventional mom, Chava. Especially when Eddie stumbles upon a stranger who is gravely wounded.

As a wildfire sweeps through the forest, Eddie struggles to save the man, who begs her to help him find his missing daughter before succumbing to his injuries. Now on assignment for a dead man, Eddie is short on clues. Of course, that doesn’t stop her mom from wanting to help out.

After all, Chava’s own illegal behavior makes her a criminal expert of sorts. And when Eddie’s mob-connected dad joins the search, Eddie starts to wonder if she and her family are the good guys or the bad guys. Either way, Eddie’s determined to get to the bottom of this mystery—even if it kills her.

“… a mother-daughter duo whose holiday weekend turns to crime-solving offers an “appealing portrait of rural Washington.” —Publishers Weekly 

“… another vivid adventure with the quirky, genuine private eye Eddie Shoes. As usual, author Elena Hartwell’s characters are so real you feel like you could run into them at your local dive bar. Three Strikes takes us even deeper into Eddie’s complex family relationships with her charming-but-deadly father Eduardo and hilarious mom Chava, giving us further insight into Eddie’s psyche. The laugh-out-loud moments are many in this vital third installment, and you’ll find yourself wishing you could stay longer in the world of Eddie Shoes.” —USA Today bestselling author LS Hawker

“This one was hard for me to put down. Hope there are more to come.” —Long and Short Book Reviews

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Author Pet Corner!

Private Eye


The crew keeps me grounded!

Dogs: Polar and Wyatt. Cats: Coal Train and Cocoa. Horses: Radar, Jasper, and Diggy.

We all live in relative harmony. Wyatt dearly loves Cocoa, but she is not so fond of him.

The dogs keep me company much of the day, while the cats come and go. The horses are right outside my window, and I love spending time with them, especially now the weather is getting warmer.

Best writing companions ever!


Elena Hartwell — Author of the Private Eye Eddie Shoes Mystery Series

Private EyeElena Hartwell spent several years working in theater as a playwright, director, designer, and educator before turning her storytelling skills to fiction. Her first series, the Eddie Shoes Mysteries introduces a quirky mother/daughter crime fighting duo.
As Elena Taylor, she returns to her dramatic roots and brings readers more serious and atmospheric books with the Sheriff Bet Rivers Mysteries. Starting with All We Buried, the series continues with A Cold, Cold World, launching August 6. Located in her beloved Washington State, Elena uses her connection to the environment to produce a forbidding story of small town secrets and things that won’t stay buried.

Elena is also a senior editor with Allegory Editing, a developmental editing house, where she works one-on-one with writers to shape and polish manuscripts, short stories, and plays. If you’d like to work with Elena, visit

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Elena Hartwell

Author and developmental editor.

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