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Kill Call: YA Thriller by Jeff Wooten

Kill Call, the debut novel by Jeff Wooten

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Kill Call

Dreams do come true. It’s Jude’s job to make sure they don’t.

Born with the curse of prophetic nightmares, Jude sees violent murders through the eyes of the killer before they happen. His father, who shares Jude’s dark gift, has trained Jude since birth to save the innocent and to kill the killer. A life for a life—it’s the only way.

But everything goes awry when Hanna Smith, the young woman he was supposed to save, rescues herself instead, and catches Jude in her home. Fate isn’t inescapable, but it demands balance.

While Hanna may be safe for now, Jude knows that the killer will strike again, only next time there will be no warning. Jude must now find the killer on his own, without the visions to aid him, in order to carry out the task he’s been training for before it’s too late.

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Interview with Jeff Wooten — Debut Author of the YA Mystery Kill Call

Hi Jeff,

I’m so pleased to have you join me on my blog, congratulations again on your debut! Kill Call centers on Jude, who is born with a terrible curse. Describe that curse for readers. What are his visions like as he experiences them?

Jude sees murders through the eyes of the killer before the crime is committed in prophetic dreams.

His job is to save the person being murdered by killing the killer. The Dream only gives him what he needs to stop the act so the killer’s body he inhabits is an unrecognizable haze writing and other identifiers are often distorted … unless he needs to see them.  

Kill Call is a Young Adult Thriller. How old is Jude? What made you choose young adult for your thriller?

He’s a seventeen-year-old high school football star.

I chose YA for a bunch of reasons. First, I have three young adult children, and I wanted to write something for them. I also think that the late teenage years are an interesting time to explore. We are finding out who we are and who we will become.

Kill Call is very much a coming-of-age story and asks the question: Who do I want to be? 

Another important character in Kill Call is Hanna Smith, tell us about her:

She’s the object of the killer’s attention, who Jude soon learns is more than capable of saving herself.

She challenges Jude’s beliefs, and the things his father taught him, by first planting the idea that Jude could choose to do things differently and not just blindly follow orders. She’s goes through her own arch in the book, but I don’t want to spoil too much. Let’s just say, Jude isn’t the only hero type in this book. 

Part of your writing journey included Pitch Wars. Tell us what that is and how that impacted your career:

Pitch Wars is now a closed mentorship program that took place mostly on Twitter that was started by writer Brenda Drake. You submitted to mentors that had more experience than you, most having book deals, etc, and then you worked on the book together. At the end, there was an agent round where agents from all over read a sample and made requests.

There needs to be a documentary about Pitch Wars someday. There are multiple bestselling authors that got their start in Pitch Wars, and a ton of talented people involved on both the mentor and mentee side.

For me, it was the connections I made. I know so many amazing writers because of Pitch Wars. My book did not get an agent in Pitch Wars. In fact, I still do not have an agent.    

You are also a physical therapist, what is a typical day at the office like for you?

Forty hours a week of seeing people with all kinds of issues, everything from dizziness to rotator cuff repairs to back and neck pain. 

I enjoy my job, especially engaging with my co-workers and patients. It can be difficult working with people that have just had a stroke or an amputation or are going through a bad episode of back pain.

The other therapist and I keep the mood light, and despite all the physical injury and pain, I think most patients enjoy their time with us. We certainly get a lot of positive feedback, and I have a long list of friends I’ve made over the years that are former patients. 

What are you working on now?

The sequel to Kill Call. Jude is in college and still Dreaming. 

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Writers:

Find your people. Offer to beta read for others. Reach out. Join a writing group. Find people at your level, work together, and level up together.

Also, I don’t think I can stress this enough: Sit your butt down and write! Don’t wait for the writing fairy to alight on your shoulder and whisper sweet inspirations in your ear. Write. Finish something. It’s okay to stop, to quit a project, and start another one, but finish something at some point.

Push through to the end. Then revise. Rinse. Repeat.  

Great advice!

Author Pet Corner!


Bo Wooten, certainly not Beau Wooten as my wife and the Vet insist, is one of three males residing in the Wooten household, bringing the boys to even standing with the girls. Bo’s mother was a Morkie (Yorkie and Maltese mix) and his dad was a teacup Yorkie, making Bo, like me, a mutt of the highest caliber.

Bo enjoys long walks in the park, or beach, or anywhere mailboxes reside, so he might mark them as his own. He enjoys pizza, especially the crust, which makes us believe he may be of the Italian line of Morkie -York-Yorkies, and he enjoys sleeping under the covers right next to my wife so that he might bare his teeth at any who dare disturb his person’s sleep.

Bo has read Kill Call five times and is always surprised by the twist at the end.

Adorable Bo!

Jeff Wooten — Author of Kill Call

Kill CallJeff lives in Arkansas with his wife, three kids, one dog, and a growing number of guppies. He sold ten short stories over five years and decided he was ready for novels. His second novel landed him in Pitch Wars, which was a great experience that introduced him to some great writers and he joined a writing group.

He writes mostly at 5AM until the day job starts and during the week and weekends when not going to his children’s soccer games, tennis matches, or football games. He is a full-time physical therapist that works with kids and adults with orthopedic issues. He also specializes in vestibular rehab.

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