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Lost Luna

Lost LunaRescued from a wolf pack who abused and bullied her, orphaned Nova must relearn what it means to be part of a family-and that she too is worth fighting for.





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Interview with Heather Miller, author of Lost Luna

Lost Luna features Nova, an orphan. What would you like readers to know about her?

Nova is a character that gets a lot of grief and … I won’t say hate, but dislike from some readers. She isn’t a bold character, especially in the beginning, and for some, that can be hard to stand. She suffers majorly from trauma and struggles in many situations that she is often overlooked. Nova is complex, and it’s something I have enjoyed so much when creating her.

Through the series, she makes gradual, realistic changes. I grew tired of searching for books, particularly fantasy books, where the female lead has trauma and not only gets over it within a day or two, but makes it so simple that it makes ME question why can’t I be like that? 

So, I wanted to create Nova to be more realistic. She has, obviously, lived an entirely different life to us in the real world, but I always draw everything back into reality. She has anxiety, depression, suffers with speech problems when nervous; they’re just a few. Her change as a person is gradual and  relatable.

She struggles to make friends, feels like she doesn’t fit in, big time imposter syndrome … But as the books progress, she slowly starts to come out of her shell. She becomes more confident and a big part of that is the people surrounding her. From being an orphan, to becoming part of a well-loved member of a family (pack), the changes are out of pure growth in her new environment. Although, not everything is perfect, and there are going to be relapses, moments of feeling like she isn’t worth it, that things are bigger than her. 

Nova is funny, she is kind, smart and sweet, and she grows to be brave, stubborn and bold. Nothing, and nobody, is perfect, and I think that I have established that well with Nova.

Lost Luna is about werewolves. What draws you to writing about that particular mythology?

I looooove werewolf books. I blame Twilight! I read the books first, and it was the first fantasy series I read, back in perhaps 2009? And from there, came my love of fantasy and wolves; magic and mystery!

I read, and write, to get away from reality, because it can be SO tiring. Reading is an important part of self-healing for me, and I find myself feeling better after I have read a good book, despite how little sleep they sometimes give me (cough staying up till 3am cough).

I love werewolves because I love the idea of soulmates—another person is made just for you. I am very specific in the type of werewolf books I read, because I don’t like it when they are perfect. No couple is, and despite being soulmates, not everything can be perfect, surely? 

Also, shifting into a giant furry dog-wolf and running at the speed of light? Count me in. I love that! Haha!

Lost Luna is the first in a series, how many do you anticipate releasing?

Lost Luna is book 1, and it continues into four!

Finding Luna and Always Luna are already completed, and guess what? Book four is coming soon! I’m calling it Forever Luna, cheesy I know, but I am so excited to continue this series!

Your work is available on Wattpad, why did you decide to publish on that medium?

I have been on Wattpad for over twelve years now! I came across it after being on tumblr back when I was trying too hard to be an emo, skater girl. Cringy. Yep. But tumblr was the rave, and then came Wattpad.

My love for books only expanded! Back then, it was a lot of teenagers writing things poorly, but I am so glad it continued to expand and more people discovered it.

I first started writing for fun, creating a werewolf book called Supernova in 2013 (ish). It got about 300k in five years, and I thought that was exceptional. Little did I know what was coming many years later.

I love Wattpad because you can make friends! So many interesting people from all over the world all joining together to just read. Sharing books, sharing our minds and our desires on paper, for others to explore, is just magical to me. It makes me feel all mushy knowing these people, like me, love to read and that some of them come to my page and give my work a chance! Every milestone feels like the first, and thanks to Wattpad creating this community, I have a place to express myself! It’s dang hard in this world!

What can we find you doing when you aren’t writing?

I’m a mum of two! So probably clean up a spilt drink, slaving over an oven top, climbing out of the mountainous pile of washing that magically appeared overnight, or trying to get those 10,000 steps in! Haha! 

In all seriousness, being a mum is hard work. You lose yourself quite easily, so it took me some time to try and be me. I also volunteer at a children’s center, which is aimed at babies to five-year-old’s.

So when I’m not doing that, or writing, I am usually reading or trying to discover a new hobby, or sometimes, just doing nothing. Whatever feels good for my mental health! That, or wrestling my dog. He’s funny, a little crazy like the rest of us.

What are you working on now?

I am working on book four of the Lost Luna series! I have side projects too, all fantasy of course, but Forever Luna aka book four, is the main gal right now!

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Writers:

Just pick up the pen, the laptop, the phone, and write. I started on my phone, unable to even afford a laptop, and look how far I got! The best decision I ever made was to forget what people may think, because I’m not Heather when I’m writing, I am somebody else. I am hidden, I am an author. I want to create, and if you do too, then that’s all that matters!

Nobody reads your books? Does it matter? Do reads truly mean anything at the end of it all? When you have created this masterpiece that you are so proud of, the best feeling is knowing you did it. Want more reads? Get yourself out there or let fate decide! Tags, Instagram, Tik Tok, they’re all amazing outlets to get yourself out there!

Ask other authors, join discords, comment where you can. Just write and enjoy it. If you are not enjoying it, stop, come back to it another time. Days, weeks, years, whichever. I stopped writing in 2015 when I had my son, and only picked up that metaphorical pen in 2021. It was a LONG break, but I didn’t have things to write then. I do now.

Author Pet Corner!


I have Murphy the dog, and Blake the cat!

Murphy is a Romanian rescue, he is an absolute bat-crazy, so loving and embracing dog. He’s 2, and rescuing him gave him a new lease of life, and he gives me so much joy.

Blake was also a rescue, and I got him last year when he was a teeny tiny baby. He’s so unbothered by everything, even when the dog tries to play and nibble his paws, and despite not being cuddly, he has his moments.

He’s a cat, what can I expect other than on and off love? Haha!

Heather Miller, author of Lost Luna

Lost Luna


Mum by day, avid fantasy writer by night.


To find out more about Heather, click on any of the following links: Wattpad, Yonder, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify.




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