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Murder at Jaipur: A New Mystery

Murder at Jaipur: A Maya Mallick Mystery, by Bharti Kirchner

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Murder at Jaipur: A Maya Mallick Mystery

Murder at Jaipur

When the world’s priciest ruby disappears from a family home in Jaipur and suspicion falls on friends and family members, P.I. Maya becomes involved in the search for the missing ruby and will have to use her investigative skills to discover why it was stolen.
Loyalty and friendship between friends and family are put to the test as P.I. Maya investigates.
Murder at Andaman, Bharti Kirchner’s latest mystery, brings a sharply observed eye to this engaging, atmospheric tale set in the Andaman Islands exploring friendship. And murder. (Cara Black, Best-selling author
“Kirchner’s descriptive writing soothes like warm tea. Murder at Andaman is a lovely mystery that immerses the reader in Indian culture and hides the outcome until the very end.” (Robert Dugoni, New York Times Bestselling Author)

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Why Write a Mystery Series?

by Bharti Kirchner

With my latest novel, Murder at Jaipur: A Maya Mallick Mystery (Book 3 in the series), being released in June 2023, I am giving thoughts to all that is involved in writing and maintaining a mystery series.

A series demonstrates a level of commitment from the author, as well as her creativity in coming up with brand new crime dramas. This can result in a bult-in audience—readers who can’t wait to see what will happen with the sleuth or various side characters.

Readers have asked me about Maya Mallick’s mother (who was popular in the first of the series, Season of Sacrifice): “Why isn’t she in Book 2? When will she return?”

Other questions that also come up are: What are the main challenges of writing a series? Who does benefit most from a series? The reader or the author?

Let’s consider our readers. Are they likely to get hooked on an on-going series more than a stand-alone mystery novel? The answer in many cases is yes. Besides continuity and recurring characters, a series offers special advantages to the reader. Often the main character becomes a pal. The reader, who is now invested in her, begins to wonder: What are the stakes in this new situation? Has she grown enough from her last experience to be able to deal with it? What are the leads for her to follow? What dark forces await her?

The reader gets a mental workout and an emotional thrill by trying to answer these and other questions but considers it worthwhile.

Next, let’s consider the author’s reasons for gravitating toward a series. Although there are fine examples of stand-alone tomes that allow an author to pursue a path not taken earlier, thereby creating new readership, there are practical considerations.

With a series, you don’t have to reinvent the wheels, i.e., you can set up your sleuth, the person you know so well, with a new crime in a new locale. You can also let go of minor players who figured in the past stories but might not fit in the new environment. Regardless of what you do, you must avoid repetition.

The choice of a new location for each entry in the series means new travel for me. The last two books in the Maya Mallick series have taken place in different settings in India: Andaman Islands and the city of Jaipur. I’ve enjoyed my “research” trips, which also have allowed my readers to become vicarious tourists.

So, it appears that with a mystery series, we have a win-win situation. What could be better?

Bharti Kirchner — Author of Murder at Jaipur: A Maya Mallick MysteryMurder at Jaipur

Bharti Kirchner is the author of the forthcoming (in June 2023) Murder at Jaipur: A Maya Mallick Mystery (Book 3 in the series). An award-winner, she has published eight previous critically acclaimed novels (in various genres, such as historical, literary, and mystery) and four cookbooks, including the best-selling The Bold Vegetarian.
Her most recent mystery novel is Murder at Andaman: A Maya Mallick Mystery (Book 2).
Bharti’s work has been translated in German, Dutch, Spanish, and Marathi, and she has been widely read in the EU countries.
Her short story “Promised Tulips,” first published in the anthology Seattle Noir, was recognized as a top noir story by Publisher’s Weekly and it reappeared in USA Noir. She is a popular teacher at writer’s conferences.

To learn more about Bharti, click on her name, photo, or any of the following links: Facebook, Twitter, & Website

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