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Kill For You: A Techno-Thriller by Kia D Richards

Kill For You — thrilled to be back with the prolific author Kia D Richards with her latest release, a technothriller out now with Simon and Schuster.

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Twelve years ago, a devastating hit and run nearly killed Zenyia Washington, taking away the thing she cared about most in the world – her ability to play music. After working hard to start over, she’s beginning a new chapter in her life.


When the driver who destroyed her life is found brutally murdered, his body left slumped on a bench at her workplace, Zenyia becomes the prime suspect in the case.


The person responsible did this for a reason – to show Zenyia just how much they care about her, that they belong together. And their plans are only just beginning…

As Zenyia’s new life comes crashing down and pieces of her old life suddenly reappear, who can she really trust? Kill For You is a stunning psychological thriller perfect for fans of Jane Corry and CL Taylor.

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Kill For You —The Interview with Kia D Richards

Tell us about Zenyia Washington, the protagonist in Kill For You:

I love Zenyia. I think she’s a character with such a unique background. When I started this novel years ago, I’d just gotten back into music myself and I knew I wanted to write about a female professional violinist.

The book went through a few iterations, Zenyia was initially a graduate student at a Julliard-like university and she hadn’t been through as much as a result of her age. I think what really comes out in the book is that Zenyia is a fighter through and through.

Kill For You is a techno-thriller, a departure from your first series, the West Investigation Series, which are romantic suspense. What drew you to writing in this new genre?

I actually wrote Kill for You before I wrote any of the romantic suspense novels so they were a bit lightness coming off of the darker thriller. But I think there is something fundamentally compelling about the clash between good and evil.

I read a lot of thrillers for personal enjoyment and there is just something about delving into why people sometimes make such terrible choices. There was a time when I considered majoring in psychology so maybe they satisfy that part of my psyche.

You went from no books out to four titles out or launching soon, tell us about your writing journey.

It’s been quite a journey but I have to say that the book schedule is in large part due to COVID.

I finished Kill for You in 2019 then wrote Pursuit of the Truth in the beginning of 2020 and when it was done immediately started Missing at Christmas. What do you do when  you finish your first novel? Start your second. That really paid off for me.

I was just about finished the second novel when I got the offer for Pursuit of the Truth so when my editor asked if I’d be willing to turn it into a series, I was like “well….” LOL.

What does a day-in-the-writing-life look like for you?

I’m usually up by 6:30 or 7. I get the kids off to school around 9 and head to my home office where I hunker down and write until about noon. I do my best writing in the morning, but not too early so between 8-12 is prime time for me.

If I feel up to it, or I have a deadline, I get back to writing around 1 or 1:30. If I’m fried on writing I’ll do all the other business stuff that you have to do as a writer or do research or plot. There’s always something. I generally stop around 3, although when my kids are in virtual school I can push that to 4 since there’s no pick-up line at the school. Yay!

I may do a bit of research or business side stuff later in the evening if I have to. I tend to procrastinate on that side of writing, leaving things until the last minute.

What would you most like to be asked about Kill For You?

Where can I purchase Kill for You? It is an ebook available on Amazon, Kobo, Nook, iBooks and all your favorite e-readers.

Great Question!

What are you working on now?

I have so many irons in the fire. I am working on more West Investigations books, actually a bit of a tangential series but the crew from West Investigations will be on hand. I’m also working on a new thriller that I’m excited about.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Writers:

Write until you finish your book. It’s really easy to amass a lot of half finished manuscripts. Push past the desire to chuck what you’re writing and start again.

The best advice I got from an established author when I was an unpublished author was “Writers start novels. Authors finish them.”

Fabulous advice! Great to have you back on my blog, I look forward to hearing about your next launch!

KD RichardsKill For You

K.D. Richards was born and raised in the Maryland suburbs just outside of Washington, D.C.

A writer since a young age, after college Kia earned a law degree and worked as an attorney and legal instructor for fifteen years but never stopped writing fiction.

She currently splits her time between Toronto and Maryland with her husband and two sons.

To learn more about KD, click on her name, photo, or any of the following links: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Goodreads

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