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Forget Me by Debut Author Lisa Sherman

Forget Me by debut author Lisa Sherman

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Forget Me

Forget Me

How can you know who you really are if you can’t remember your past?

Wanda Dellas is living someone else’s life: that’s the sense she’s had since a mysterious accident robbed her of her long-term memory. Lost and barely scraping by, Wanda cleans offices at night in order to support her young daughter.

Then Wanda sees a news report about a presumed dead businesswoman, Claire Stanbrick. Bad enough that Claire bears an uncanny resemblance to Wanda. But it turns out Claire went missing around the same time as Wanda’s accident, too. Plus, she can’t shake the sense that Claire’s husband Jack, who’s serving time in prison for Claire’s murder, is innocent. And she’s beginning to develop feelings for him. But which feelings are real and which are just figments of her fractured memory?

Answers to the past often come at a price.

As Wanda learns more about Claire, she realizes Claire didn’t have the picture-perfect life Wanda imagined . . . a fact someone following her is determined to keep a secret. And the more Wanda discovers, the more she faces new dangers that threaten her life . . . or is it Claire’s?

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Interview with Forget Me Author Lisa Sherman

Forget Me plays with memory. What intrigued you about that as a topic to explore for your debut novel?

To me, the way memory works is a fascinating mystery in and of itself. Then when we look at the link between memory and identity, the importance of memory becomes even more complex.

Much of the way we view ourselves and the world around us is influenced by our life experiences. If a person loses their long-term memory, most of those influences will likely be lost along with it. This idea raises the questions of how would a person ground themselves, know who they are, or how to respond to situations without the memory of their past experiences?

These questions intrigued me so much, I decided to write a book with a character suffering from this very situation.

Tell us about Wanda Dellas:

Ahh, who is Wanda Dellas? That is one of the central questions of the novel.

Wanda is a woman who loses her memory in a mysterious accident. As a result, she feels lost and void of an identity. That is, until she hears the news story about a presumed dead, missing businesswoman named Claire Stanbrick who looks strikingly similar to Wanda.

This leads Wanda on a journey to find out not only who she really is, but whether she and Claire have more in common than just their looks.

Where does Forget Me take place? How does the environment play a role in the story?

Forget Me takes place in both Chicago and the fictional river town of Vintage, Wisconsin. I picked these locations in part because I wanted to contrast the fast pace, and in some instances, the glamor of city life with the serenity of life near a beautiful river.

The river’s role is also to highlight the deceptiveness of the river’s calmness and to underscore the dangerous currents often roiling beneath the surface. As a result, the river in some ways symbolizes the theme of hidden danger that is woven throughout the novel.

You like to understand human motivations, what role does that interest play in your decision to write psychological thrillers?

As both a reader and a writer, I have always gravitated toward psychological thrillers. I think a big part of the reason for this interest is because of the genre’s emphasis on the psyches of the characters.

Human motivations inform a character’s actions in the same way they inform a person’s actions in real life. Puzzling through these character motives is one of the things I love most about writing in this genre.

When I craft a psychological thriller, not only do I get the opportunity to explore all of the characters’ whys, but I also get a peek at how these motivations affect the character themselves as well as other characters in the novel. I often find it is by looking at these human motivations that the answer to the mystery can be found.

As a resident of Chicago, you enjoy a wonderful theater scene. What appeals to you about that art form?

For me, there is nothing quite like attending live theater. I have so much admiration for everyone who works so hard to bring that art form to life. I love the immersive nature of live theater and how it engages all the senses. From the beautiful artwork that comprises the sets, to the stunning sounds that emanate from the voices of the actors and the orchestra, all the way to the dramatic storytelling, it is just a wonderful experience.

As a theater artist for more than twenty years—I totally agree!

What are you working on now?

I am currently in the process of writing the sequel to Forget Me, titled You Belong to Me. In You Belong to Me, familiar characters from Forget Me will once again find themselves in dangerous situations along with a mystery needing to be solved.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Writers:

Although it may sound like a cliché, I believe one of the best pieces of writing advice is…don’t quit.

So many aspects of the writing life require taking the long road. Writing a novel takes time. There are ups and downs, successes and what feels like failures. But if you keep going and don’t give up, you’ll get there. And I can’t wait to read your novels when you do!

Great advice!

Lisa Sherman — Author of Forget Me

Forget MeLisa has always had a passion for stories and the fictional worlds created by her favorite authors. Her love of words led her to pursue a BA in English Literature as an undergraduate. Her interest in jurisprudence led her to law school, where she attained her Juris Doctor degree. Later, Lisa rounded out her love of writing by obtaining an MFA.

Lisa has always been fascinated with the “why” behind people’s actions. As a writer of psychological thrillers and women’s fiction, she hopes readers will enjoy getting a sneak peek into what makes her characters act the way they do, especially when faced with challenging or extraordinary situations.

To learn more about Lisa, click on her name, photo or any of the following links: Facebook & Instagram

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