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A Message in Poison: Medical Thriller

A Message in Poison, a Dr. Lily Robinson medical thriller by BJ Magnani

Guest Post + Author & Book Info

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 A Message in Poison

A Message in PoisonSparks fly as Dr. Lily Robinson-the brilliant academic pathologist and covert assassin for the U.S. Government-investigates two seemingly unrelated deaths alongside her lover, Agent Jean Paul Marchand, and D.C. Medical Examiner Dr. Logan Pelletier.

A U.S. Senator and the president of a developing nation are found dead in their beds. As governments thousands of miles apart react to the fallout and begin their investigations, no one claims responsibility, and no motives are clear. Yet, the cause of death implies a link between the two-one that only a mind versed in poisons and politics can decipher. With her personal relationships teetering on the brink and her loved ones facing foreign threats, Lily must unravel the mystery and uncover a plot more calculating than anyone could imagine-but it may be too late.

A Message in Poison, the third part of the Art of Secret Poisoning trilogy (The Queen of All Poisons and The Power of Poison), continues with twists and turns as Dr. Lily Robinson travels the globe, stares down death, and finds herself at “another crossroad, another choice between life real or imagined…”

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Genre: Medical Mystery / Thriller
Published by: Encircle Publications
Publication Date: April 20th 2022
Number of Pages: 278
ISBN: 1645993256 (ISBN13: 9781645993254)
Series: A Dr. Lily Robinson Novel, The Art of Secret Poisoning Part 3

Guest Post by BJ Magnani — Author of A Message in Poison

The Queen of All Poisons in Film

BJ Magnani, PhD, MD, FCAP

March 30, 2022

Dr. Lily Robinson is a charismatic character who occupies center stage in the original stories written for scientists (Lily Robinson and the Art of Secret Poisoning) and the novels, The Queen of All Poisons, The Power of Poison, and A Message in Poison.

Lily’s story is visual and takes the reader to places like Boston, New York, Washington, D.C., Colombia, France, Russia, Hong Kong, and South Korea. The settings are exotic and vivid, and lend themselves to a splashy movie or limited series.

The author on the set of Crossing Jordan alongside Miguel Ferrer, who played the Chief Medical Examiner.

Natalie Portman is an actor with gravitas who could portray the complex Dr. Robinson, as both the academic and the assassin. Portman’s smart, the right height and age, and only needs a pair of emerald contact lenses to complete the picture. And Natalie Portman and I graduated from the same high school!

Lily’s lover, and partner in an organization that rids the world of terrorists, is John Paul or JP. This seasoned French operative is cool under pressure and the love of Lily’s life. Their chemistry is passionate, and Vincent Cassel is up to the task—and would reunite with his costar (Portman) from Black Swan.

The enigmatic Dr. John Chi Leigh (“chemistry runs in John Chi’s DNA, forming a double helix with a backbone of genius and base pairs of deception and cunning”)  is the part for Tony Leung Chiu-Wai. Both Dr. Leigh and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai are originally from Hong Kong.

Who would play ‘sisters,’ Rose (Lily’s daughter) and Bella? I see Emma Fuhrman as the vulnerable Rose while Kathryn Newton as her tragic fair-haired sibling. Two daughters that end up at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Finally, the arch-villain whose twisted mind challenges Lily at every turn—Grigory Markovic, would be played by Mads Mikkelsen—a worthy opponent.

BJ Magnani

A Message in PoisonBJ Magnani (Barbarajean Magnani, PhD, MD, FCAP) is the author of the Dr. Lily Robinson novels: The Queen of All Poisons (Encircle Publications, 2019), The Power of Poison (Encircle Publications, 2021), and A Message In Poison (Encircle Publications, 2022.) Lily Robinson and the Art of Secret Poisoning (nVision Publishing, 2011) is the original collection of short stories featuring the brilliant, yet deadly, doctor.

Dr. Magnani is internationally recognized for her expertise in clinical chemistry and toxicology, has been named a “Top Doctor” in Boston magazine, and was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Laboratory Medicine Professionals in the World by The Pathologist.

She is Professor of Anatomic and Clinical Pathology (and Professor of Medicine) at Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, and the former Chair of both the College of American Pathologists (CAP) Toxicology Committee and the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Tufts Medical Center.

To learn more about BJ, click on any of the following links:, Goodreads, BookBub – @bjmagnani, Twitter – @bjmagnaniFacebook – @bjmagnaniauthor

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Elena Hartwell

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