You are currently viewing Erin Ruddy Launches Debut Thriller Set in Rural Ontario

Erin Ruddy Launches Debut Thriller Set in Rural Ontario

Thrilled to introduce debut author Erin Ruddy!

Erin Ruddy, Canadian author and journalist, launches her debut thriller, Tell Me My Name.

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The Author: Erin Ruddy

Erin Ruddy
Erin Ruddy

Erin Ruddy is a writer and journalist based in Toronto, Canada.

She is currently the executive editor at MediaEdge Communications, where she writes news features and custom content for Canada’s commercial real estate sector.

When she’s not working the keyboard, Erin and her family can be found skiing, hiking, swimming and occasionally unwinding at their weekend retreat in Thornbury, Ontario. Tell Me My Name is her debut novel.

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Erin Ruddy

Tell Me My Name by Erin Ruddy

“Ruddy plays effectively with issues of identity, regret, and forgiveness in this suspenseful thriller.”

Publishers Weekly

Ellie and Neil’s romantic weekend at their new cottage takes a dark turn when they’re captured by a man claiming to be Ellie’s soulmate.

Giving her just three chances to remember his name, Ellie is thrust on a trip down memory lane to sift through all the dubious men of her past.

Each wrong guess results in grisly consequences for Neil . . . but is there more to their captor’s obsession than Ellie knows?

To buy the book, click on either of the following links: Amazon and IndieBound

“Writing the book seemed relatively easy—getting it published, not so much.” —Erin Ruddy

The Interview with Erin Ruddy

Describe your publishing journey:

Writing the book seemed relatively easy—getting it published, not so much. I wrote the first draft in three whirlwind months back in the fall of 2016. It was my second attempt at writing a full-length novel.

My first book, if you can call it that, is still sealed in the dark confines of my old laptop. It’s a slow-burn literary romantic suspense with more atmosphere than twists and turns. In other words, no one wanted it. I think I sent it out to about eight agents before I got that message loud and clear.

With this one, there was a lot of interest right out of the gates. I knew it was because the hook was much stronger, and women’s suspense novels were super hot at the time. Three weeks after receiving my first full request, an agent in New York offered me representation. Of course, I was ecstatic. But, sadly that relationship ended mighty quickly after he announced he was leaving the book business.

It took me a year and 75 rejections to find new representation. Fortunately, I ended up signing with the brilliant Bill Hanna (of Acacia House) who promptly led me to Toronto-based Dundurn Press.

About six months after that—well, the whole pandemic thing happened and my summer thriller was postponed to the fall. So I guess the short answer to your question is, my publishing journey has been long!

“I’m a journalist by day, but I’ve always been drawn to writing fiction.”—Erin Ruddy

What inspired you to write this novel?

Erin RuddySomething about being in my forties and wanting to try something new. I’m a journalist by day, but I’ve always been drawn to writing fiction. The idea for this particular novel came to me shortly after we’d purchased our new cottage.

I’d noticed that the house next door was beautifully maintained but no one ever appeared to be at home. The only sign of life was an occasional light we’d see through the upper window.

Over time, I became curious to the point of distraction. Why had we met every other neighbour, but that one?

Was a recluse living inside?

Was he or she (or they) watching us?

Then one day I thought up the idea of putting a dark twist on the Rumpelstiltskin folktale and placing it in a remote cottage setting.

I can remember yelling this out to my husband as we rode our bikes into town. I was a few feet behind him, huffing and puffing as I rattled off my premise. I’m still not sure if he heard a single word I said.

Do you have many online events planned around your book launch?

At the moment, I have a few virtual events in my calendar. I’m also working on a book launch party, which may or may not include a small, live gathering of friends and family in mid-October.

The COVID situation isn’t making planning anything very easy. Admittedly, I have a lot of anxiety about speaking on video – least of which is that my computer mic will fail me in the middle of a reading.

I’ve done enough ZOOM meetings now to know that technology isn’t reliable 100 percent of the time! If I could stick to answering questions like this—in writing—I’d be a lot more comfortable. But hey, nobody said writing a novel was easy…

Tell us something about yourself that you love outside of writing:

Aside from loving to be out in nature, I’m a real homebody who’s also inherently lazy.

I’d say my favourite way to spend a Saturday night would be watching movies on Netflix with a glass of wine and take-out pizza.

That said, I am gutted that my book release party was cancelled back in June. It was something I’d been planning for months, and I was so excited that there was going to be a live band playing songs I’d referenced in the book.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to fill a bar again, but for now it’s all virtual readings and ZOOM parties, and me undoubtedly making myself cringe.

“It’s fast-paced and a little racy.” —Erin Ruddy

What are you working on now?

I’m working on another thriller, which is very different from Tell Me My Name.

It’s fast-paced and a little racy.

It involves a pair of brothers, a woman plagued by insecurity, and a scandal that threatens to tear her world apart.

It’s been a struggle to finish, I’ll admit. COVID-19 has not been particularly generous to me in terms of alone time. My day job has been busier than ever, and my kids and husband have been “ever-present”, shall we say.

This has been a very strange year to launch a book. I’m so sorry about the canceled release party!

But congratulations on your debut. I can’t wait to see what happens for you next.

Thanks for hanging out with us!

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