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Snacks: The Most Expensive Business Line Item of 2020

Snacks . . . why they make my life a little better in the midst of a challenging time.

Business expenses for me used to include a lot of travel, for book events and conferences, teaching writers workshops and signing books. There was the costs of postcards to hand out and business cards, grown-up clothes, and promotional materials.

Now the biggest business expense I have is . . . Snacks.

Now the biggest business expense I have is . . . Snacks.

I was catching up on my “paperwork” today, which basically means I enter information into an excel spreadsheet that shows purchases I’ve made relating to the business of being a writer.


That’s definitely the most expensive item on my 2020 expenditures. Or at least, the line item where I have spent the most money overall.

Me and Catherine Bruns — Power couple of Left Coast Crime!

Travel in 2020 = one trip to San Diego. I was one of the lucky people who got to attend the first day of Left Coast Crime, San Diego. While it was a total bummer to miss out on the rest of the weekend, my one day was fabulous. I got to meet terrific readers, moderated an amazing panel, and was on a second. I was also able to speed date with my favorite work-wife, Catherine Bruns.

I consider snacks essential for my writing career.

Then . . . zero. No more trips. No more postcards. No grown-up clothes—no matter how many “deals” Betabrand emails me. No swag.

But I’ve bought a lot of snacks. I consider snacks essential for my writing career.

Apparently I have to have an assortment of almonds, parmesan cheese crisps, and chocolates to write anything resembling a manuscript during covid. Not that I didn’t snack before, but snacking has achieved a much higher status than it used to.

SnacksFirst off . . . I haven’t seen the inside of a grocery store since March. My hubby does all the shopping. He is able to go during senior hours, plus he’s the  extrovert, so he needs the interactions more than I do.

Now buying snacks online is  the equivalent of impulse buying, but with more planning. is my favorite site right now. It’s better than porn. Because . . . snacks.

I love smoked almonds. They are definitely top of my snack list. I also really enjoyed the caramel popcorn. That didn’t last long at all. I tell myself it’s because I didn’t want it to get stale.

Nothing competes with snacks . . .

Apparently snacks have always been important – these were for my flight home from San Diego in March.

I do spend money on books. That’s a legit expense when you write for a living. Plus, as a developmental editor and the industry expert at Allegory Editing, I have to stay on top current trends, authors, and publishers.

But that line item still can’t compete with snacks.

We are in a strange time and I count myself incredibly lucky to work from home, have a beautiful place to live, have outdoor time with my horses daily . . . and can buy snacks over the internet.

What random thing is helping you get through? I’d love to hear from you.


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