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Three Strikes, You’re Dead: Book Three for Eddie Shoes

Next weekend, the third Eddie Shoes Mystery launches into the world. I’m thrilled at the reception the first two novels have received, garnering excellent reviews and award nominations. I hope the momentum continues.

These last couple years have been a whirlwind. From landing a book deal with my publisher, to extensive rewriting on the first book, to launching book two, while scrambling to write book three, the series has taken me all around  the country. I’ve met some wonderful readers and spent time with fellow authors. It sometimes feels like I haven’t come up for air in about four years, but I wouldn’t change a thing!

Writing is one of those careers I’m not sure you ever really “master.” I’ve listened to a lot of well-established authors during my travels and there are some common threads, even from bestselling novelists. I’ve learned so much, I thought I’d share a couple things with all of you.

  1. Fear of failure never goes away.
  2. Holding the actual, physical book in your hand for the first time is a thrill.
  3. Bad reviews can hurt, even when a book has multiple fantastic ones.
  4. Writing is hard, not writing is harder.
  5. Writing a series has pros and cons. You get to explore characters deeper, but you have to write each book for readers who haven’t read the earlier ones.
  6. Writing standalones has pros and cons. You get to explore new characters with every book, but you are also starting back at square one.
  7. Publicity and Marketing are baffling. Writers aren’t very good at self-promotion.
  8. The business of being a writer is mysterious. No one can say for sure why a book does or doesn’t sell.
  9. Writers, for the most part, are generous with their time, to readers and other writers. The mystery/thriller genre is full of thoughtful, kind, helpful people.
  10. Launching the third book is just as exciting as launching the first.

The industry is always going through changes. From e-books to audio, technology impacts our world. I’m always happy when I hear physical books are still popular. Some research shows an uptick in both paperback and hardback books. I love physical books. I read on an e-reader for convenience. It’s easy to carry on trips, with multiple books in one tiny package. But there is something special about the way a book feels in your hands. The weight of the words. The smell of the paper. The ability to see how far you’ve read and how far you have to go. I hope physical books never disappear from our landscape.

This year, Two Heads are Deader Than One is going to be re-released by Harlequin for their Worldwide Mystery Series. I’m excited about the potential for greater exposure for the series. I’ve been pleased that the first two books in the series are available in e-books and on Audible.

It’s still amazing when I see my covers and name in bookstores and libraries, on websites and in reviews. To say I’m a novelist is a dream come true. Life is tricky and full of surprises and compromises. There are tragedies and moments of grace. Through it all, I’ve been a storyteller. First on the stage and now on the page. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

But I must leave you now … my work in progress awaits … See you at the bookstore!

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