Spotlight on Robert J Ray

Robert J. Ray has taught literature and writing in college, inner game tennis in California, and workshops at writing conferences. He has published more than a dozen books, fiction and non-fiction—plus articles and short stories. His latest writing how-to – The Weekend Novelist Rewrites the Novel – first published in England, has just been published in America. He has partnered a blog with Jack Remick.

Tuesdays and Fridays, Ray writes at Louisa’s Café on Eastlake in Seattle. Writers are welcome.

books by robert j ray (Click link for books on Amazon)
The Weekend Novelist,
The Weekend Novelist Writes a Mystery,
The Weekend Novelist Redrafts the Novel (London),
The Weekend Novelist Rewrites the Novel (New York),
Bloody Murdock,
Murdock Cracks Ice,
Dial “M” for Murdock,
Murdock for Hire,
Merry Christmas, Murdock,
Murdock Tackles Taos
The Hitman Cometh,
The Art of Reading: A Handbook on Writing,

Small Business: An Entrepreneur’s Plan (5 editions).

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