Reader’s Question

One of my readers had a question about Sheila’s interview. This reader wondered about Sheila’s statement that other people remembered things differently. I asked Sheila to clarify. Read below for her response.

Thank you reader! And thank you Sheila.

When you stated about other people you talked to remembering things differently – what did you mean by that? Did you discuss things and then realized they or you had it right? did it change your memories – did you agree to disagree? If you could clarify that would be great.
It’s an understanding that I have that no matter what I say, even if it’s something exactly as I remember it, there’s a strong chance that other people involved in the scene are probably going to remember things differently.
I haven’t had anyone say that I got things incorrect. I just know that my memory is obviously one-sided. There’s a remembering of my experience and feelings which is filtered through not only my memory but how I’ve changed and what an event meant to me. The picture in my head is colored by so many things.
I believe I have been fair to people and since I’ve had no complaints yet about how I’ve portrayed scenes, I hope I’ve respected the people in my life.

Elena Hartwell

Author and developmental editor.