Spotlight on Ivan Doig

Part I and II both available below!

As you may know from my previous posts, I am currently adapting Ivan Doig’s novel Prairie Nocturne for Book-It Repertory Theatre’s production, opening Feb 7 and running through March 4th.

In addition to getting to work with the exquisite language of Ivan Doig, I’ve also had the privilege of meeting Ivan and his wife Carol. And two finer people I can’t imagine. Luckily for us, Ivan agreed to an interview to coincide with the production. You’ll find below Part I of the interview. Part II will be posted Feb 15th.
Renowned author of numerous novels such as The Whistling Season and Dancing at the Rascal Fair, Ivan has also published works of non-fiction. Born in Montana, and raised in the rarefied air of the Rocky Mountain Front, Doig brings his gift for language to his stories. Like a modern-day Shakespeare, Doig’s literary fiction blends poetry with action and puts words together, that once heard, you realize could be said no other way.
Many of his characters, though universal in their trials and travails, are also uniquely western in their speech and indomitable spirits. Descriptions of the wide open spaces and sparseness of man and forestry, brings into the imagination of any reader, the vast inimitable beauty of the far western reaches of the United States. 
Doig also locates novels in his current home, that of the Pacific Northwest, and those of us here are pleased to claim him as our own.
He is the self described “red-headed only child, son of ranch hand Charlie Doig and ranch cook Berneta Ringer Doig … who in his junior year of high school … made up his mind to be a writer of some kind.”*
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Elena Hartwell

Author and developmental editor.